Quality and Services

Zero defect target


The success and performance of DJC are the results of know-how, as much technical as human.

The complete commitment of our competent staff enables us to fulfil our objectives whilst continually improving.

Quality optimisation is one factor of our success which provides both satisfaction and customer loyalty.


Our strategy of integrating a 100% final control has enabled us to increase our quality performance.

Today we provide every solution for the available controls:

  • Dimensional control by camera
  • Aspect control by camera
  • Dimensional control by sensor


Our metrological control equipment are comprised of:

  • CMM
  • Roughness measurement
  • Cylindricity and form defect bench
  • Roundtest
  • Profile control by camera
  • Profilometer
  • Traditional metrology equipment


The SPC control is automated and completely integrated into the process of manufacturing.

Each machine is directly linked to the ERP with allows continual information feedback as well as the piloting of specific measurements.

We have operated at under 10PPM (parts by millions) for over 10 years.


ISO TS16949 – IATF

DJC holds the ISO TS 16949 certification based on the Automotive industry since 2005, conversion to IATF is planned within 2018.

ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 certification was obtained in 2012 in reward for the permanent efforts of DJC to respect environmental criteria.

VDA 6.3

DJC has been successfully audited by several manufacturers and constructors according to the VDA 6.3 reference.


The criteria for washing and particular cleanliness are taken into account and guaranteed by two very modern washing machines. These guarantee optimal degreasing and excellent results concerning cleanliness.


Overall service rate of 99% for 30 million parts delivered per year.

Thanks to the use of an ERP and an efficient traceability system, DJC identifies and certifies the complete follow-up of proceedings from manufacturing to the reception of materials at delivery.


DJC guarantees delivery to their customers worldwide, they currently export to over 15 destinations.