Welcome to the Acrotec Group

Acrotec is an independent group of societies who specialise in the manufacturing of high precision components. The industries supplied are: horology, jewellery, electronic, medical, automobile, aeronautic and defence. Each society is renowned for its specific knowledge and skills which remain complementary to each other. This enables the group to provide its customers with a vast range of top quality products and services.

For over 70 years, Décovi has produced extremely complex components of all levels using precision screw machining, CNC turning, (up to 65 mm) and milling 3 – 5 axis. It provides for the horology, jewellery, connectors, medical, aeronautic and defence industries. Décovi holds the ISO 9001, 14001 and 13485 certificates, as well as an ERP, which is entirely integrated into the production. The society also specialises in the total manufacturing of oscillating masses for the biggest watch brands in horology. The factory is located in Vicques, Switzerland.

DJC specialises in the production of screw machining parts of medium and large series, composed with materials such as stainless steel, special stainless steel, aluminium, brass, and standard steel. It supplies the automobile industry, notably for the production of turbocharger, brake, air-conditioning, electrical connector and hydraulic components. The company is located in Thyez, France.

Founded in 1927 and specialising in the manufacturing of synthetic stones for horology, Gasser-Ravussin SA has built up an excellent reputation both in Switzerland and on export markets. Located in Lucens, Switzerland, the original birth place of horology stones, the company benefits from industrial production equipment as well as a craft section, which enables it to offer specific services. The principal machined materials for the manufacturing of their products are mainly the ruby and sapphire corundum, technical ceramics and spinel gemstones.

Générale Ressorts is the leader manufacturer of springs and barrels, both essential components for watch-making movements. The company produces high performance components such as energy modules, flat and shaped springs. It also manufactures additional elements for the aeronautic and transport industries as well as for industrial applications. The company is located in Bienne, Switzerland.

Specialising in instrumentation and movement development for mechanical and quartz watches, H2i conceives and manufactures measuring tools to meet the specific requirements necessary for chronometer and magnetism. Its customers primarily include watch brands and laboratories. H2i has, at the same time, developed ONEOF®,a collection of measuring tools designed for collectors and boutiques, to enable them to verify the precision of their watches and to demagnetise them. The company has incorporated the premises of Petitpierre in Cortaillod.

Based in the Vallée de Joux, the renowned locality for Swiss horology, KIF Parechoc has acquired unique and skilled know-how of screw machining and assembling of products such as shock absorbers, index, screw and barrel parts. It manufactures intricate horology components designed exclusively for mechanical watch movements, meeting the high demands of horology customers worldwide.

Well known specialists both in Switzerland and abroad in the fields of microtechnology and micromechanics, the Swiss company, Mimotec SA, has been providing excellent service for over 20 years. Founded in November 1998, following the thesis work of its CEO, Dr Hubert Lorenz, the company continues its development in all fields relating to micro Manufacturing, with perpetual impetus of innovation and acquisition of new knowledge.

mu-DEC is a micro-screw machining company who specialises in creating complex geometrical components designed exclusively for the Fine Watchmaking. Working essentially with prototyping of medium series, it creates products from 0.05 to 16 mm in diameter in standard materials such as steel, titanium, stainless steel, brass and maillechort. These skills enable the delivery of finished screw machined, geared, heat treated, burnished, polished, decorated and assembled products. The company is located in Develier, Switzerland.

Founded in 1973, the Petitpierre society is a manufacturer of specialised machine tools for the micro technical industry. It benefits from extensive experience in the horology field (movement), in addition to the development and manufacturing of high quality assembly, setting and tool machines designed for the controlling of high precision components. It also excels in the field of subcontracting of fine parts which requires perfect mastering of all of the trades involved in micromechanics. The company is located in Cortaillod, Switzerland.

Pierhor SA was founded in 1899 and specialises in the production of rubies for the watchmaking industry and synthetic jewels for industrial uses. Quartz watches made their first appearance between 1975 and 1983. This period in time corresponds with the watchmakers’ crisis, which forced the company to diversify production into hard metals. Pierhor SA specialises in ruby surface finishing. The company’s know-how in this field are transposable to the fabrication of other ultra-hard metals. The company is located in Lausanne, in the Canton of Vaud.

Precipro is a Swiss company who specialises in the creation of jewellery made with precious metals, outsourcing for luxury brands. It is also actively involved in the screw machining and milling of small components, essentially in precious metals designed for the horology market. The company has integrated and mastered all the skills required for its trade and consequently provides their customers with a service that accompanies them all the way from their initial project through to the delivery of the finished products. All of this is supervised, amongst others, by RJC, by whom it is certified. Founded in 2006, today its headquarters are located in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Ever since its creation in 2006, STS has developed to become the biggest supplier in Switzerland. The company is specialized in surface treatment services for horology as well as for the connector and automobile industry. It masters the skills of galvanoplasty, heat treatment, and varnishing. It combines skilled know-how with certified RJC ethical values. The company is located on four sites in Switzerland: Le Sentier, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Develier and Meyrin.

Located in the heart of the Swiss Jura canton, VARDECO is the most important partner for screw machining components for the electronics industry. It thoroughly meets the ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 standard requirements. The company guarantees a production of over one billion parts per year. It supplies the automobile, electronic, aerospace and medical markets, specialising in screw machining, polishing, heat treatment, galvanic and technical productions at high speed.