Who are we?

DJC is located in the Arve valley, an internationally renowned industrial centre. It is a historical region for watch-making that has become today, the centre for precision bar turning. The subcontracting and service network enables innovative and complementary solutions available locally .


Reliability and responsiveness: DJC, your bar turning specialist

JC specialises in the production of medium and large series bar turning on materials such as stainless steel, aluminium brass and steel.

Productivity and performance are the result of advanced technical skills combined with a robust organisation. In order to remain competitive, DJC continuously invests in “High Tech” production tools and machinery.

Thanks to human competence and a strategically adapted organisation, DJC combines productivity and performance every day.

Independent and purposely, humanely sized, the company privileges proximity, attentiveness, communication and flexibility to provide a service dedicated to your satisfaction.




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